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Here we try to answer any questions you may have, about this website, and about the holidays presented here.

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What kind of walking holidays are available?

On this website you’ll find both guided and self-guided walking holidays, as well as walking holidays with mixed options. Here is the difference:

Self-guided walking holidays

You book these (alone or together with a partner or friends). During a self-guided walking holiday you explore an area independently. Typically, you do so with the help of maps and walk descriptions prepared for you by the holiday provider. Self-guided walking holidays are very flexible and can normally start on any date if the accommodation is available. You recognise them on the site by the Self-Guided tag. Here you can see all the self-guided walking holidays on the site.

Guided walking holidays

During a guided walking holiday, you walk in a group with a guide. Often, there are fixed start dates for these group walking holidays, but if you have your own group, you can often organise your own tailor-made group holiday with the holiday provider. Both fixed start dates and the possibility of flexible tailor-made programs are indicated in the listings. You recognise them on the site by the Guided tag. Here you can see all the guided walking holidays on the site.

Walking holidays with guided and self-guided options

Quite a few walking holidays have both self-guided and guided options available during the holiday. You will for example receive a local walking map and walk descriptions, but it is also possible to book or join a few guided walks during your walking holiday. Or a guided walking holiday includes a few free days on which routes and walk descriptions are available for self-guided walking. You recognise these holidays by the Guided / Self-Guided tag. Here you can see all the walking holidays with guides and self-guided options on the site.

What do all the the symbols mean?

You’ll see a number of icons or symbols with each holiday that classify the different features each walking holiday has. Here is an explanation of what they all mean:

  • Winter walking holiday
    The snowflake icon means that this walking holiday can be done in Winter.
  • Dogs welcome
    This means that dogs are welcome during this walking holiday. Sometimes it’s by prior arrangement, so make sure you double check witht he holiday provider if you’d like to bring your four-legged friend(s) along.
  • Rental car included
    Car rental is included in the price of the walking holiday. With a rental car you can independently explore the immediate surroundings, and it also allows you to make trips further afield.
  • GPS tracks available
    This means there are GPS tracks available for this walking holiday. You can load these onto your device (smartphone or GPS tracker) to follow an exact route created for you beforehand.
  • Luggage transport included
    When you change accommodation, your luggage will be transported for you, and will be waiting for you at the next accommodation, leaving you free to enjoy your walk to your next comfy guest-house or hotel. Yay!
  • 1 One accommodation during your holiday
    This means you stay in one single place throughout your holiday. Typically, this is a hospitable and cozy family run hotel or guest-house with a convenient, central location in a beautiful area. A variety of walks will start straight from your accommodation’s doorstep, and many more walks are usually accessible through a short trip with public transport. In many cases, your host will be more than happy to drive you to the starting point. Sometimes car rental is included in this type of holiday, so you can reach walks in the surrounding area independently.
  • + Multiple accommodations during your holiday
    You change accommodation once or a few times. Sometimes, these walking holidays are “trail” holidays, where you walk a trail from one accommodation to the next. Often, your luggage is transported. Also see the “trail icon” and “luggage icon”.
  • Trail Walking a trail
    During this type of walking holiday you walk a trail from one accommodation to the next, travelling through beautiful villages and scenic landscapes along the way. In most cases, your luggage will be transported for you, and will be waiting for you at the next accommodation. This is indicated by the “luggage icon”. All you have to do is enjoy your walk to your next comfy guest-house or hotel. You will normally arrive there well in time, allowing you to freshen up before you sit down to sample the local cuisine in the village. During some trail holidays you change accommodation every day, during some every two or three days. This is indicated in the listing for each walking holiday.

How easy or difficult are the walks?

To help you choose the best walking holiday, you’ll find grades at each destination using the system below. Keep in mind that there is a degree of generalisation in these, because there is some variation in the types of walks available at each destination. For example, walking in the high Alps will of course be more challenging than walking in the low hilly regions of Tuscany. However, even in the high Alps there can be flexible walking on offer, where your hosts can tailor your daily walking programme to your wishes.

Easy walking

Holidays classified as easy walking, mean that you’re generally walking at a relaxed pace with plenty of time for breaks. Normally these are low-level walks with straightforward conditions underfoot, although there may be some sections over slightly rougher or steeper terrain. There may be some descents and ascents, but these will be short. Longest walks 4-6 hours, ascents up to 300m (1000 feet). Suitable for people in good health that enjoy leisurely walking.

Moderate walking

During these holidays you can expect to be walking through hilly or mountainous areas, sometimes on rugged trails or tracks. There are more ascents and descents involved, sometimes sustained. Ascents of up to 700m (2400 feet), longest walks 5-6 hours. Suitable for most regular hill walkers who have a reasonable level of fitness.

Challenging walking

On holidays with challenging walks, you’ll be walking on more mountainous and challenging terrain. Many will be at high altitudes and are best suited to experienced walkers with a good level of physical fitness. Descents and ascents are often sustained, up to 1000m (3300 feet) and the walking days are generally longer (up to 6-8 hours).

Tailor-made walking

At many destinations it’s possible to tailor your daily walk programme to your level of fitness, experience and wishes. Contact the holiday provider to discuss the possibilities.

In addition, each listing shows a small illustration of a landscape that indicates in what height range the walks take place.

This is what they look like:


  • Level terrain or hills
  • Easy walking

hills and low mountains

  • Hills to low mountains
  • Easy to moderate walking

low and high mountains

  • Low to high mountains
  • Moderate walking

high mountains

  • High mountains to alpine
  • Moderate to challenging

high mountains

  • High mountains
  • Moderate to challenging

alpine mountains

  • Alpine conditions
  • Challenging walking

Are dinner, breakfast and lunch included?

The holidays are offered as one of the following board types:

  • B&B – accommodation and breakfast
  • Half Board – accommodation, breakfast and dinner
  • Full Board – accommodation, breakfast, packed lunch and dinner

Often a flexible arrangement is also possible where you discuss dinner and lunch requirements with your host on arrival, or leave some days open, so that you can also sample the local cuisine in a few restaurants.

What kind of accommodation is available?

The type of accommodation varies widely among the different holiday providers. Each listing has a section on the type of accommodation you would be staying in, with photos. Often you can see even more photos of the accommodation by browsing the holiday provider’s own website (you’ll find a website link on every holiday page).

Can I book a single room?

For many walking holidays, it is indeed possible to book single rooms. There is usually a surcharge for single occupancy of a room. Please contact the holiday provider of the walking holiday you’re interested in to enquire about single rooms.

Can I book a self-guided holiday on my own?

Yes, in many cases you can. However, the prices quoted by the holiday providers are based on two people sharing a room and booking together. Please contact the holiday provider of the walking holiday you’re interested in to enquire about single bookings.

Why is the price of some holidays in Euros (€) and some in Pounds (£)?

Some holiday providers set their prices in UK pounds, others in Euros. Because of fluctuating exchange rates, we can not easily give current converted pounds sterling and euro prices for each holiday. We have therefore decided to display the price of the holiday in the currency as set by the holiday provider.

Is travel to the start point of the holiday included?

As a rule, travel to the start point of the walking holiday is not included in the price of the holiday. You will find information about how to travel to the start point of the holiday in the section ‘Getting there’ in the right column of each walking holiday listing. Here you find information on nearby airports, train stations, and a map of the accommodation or area. You can also contact the holiday provider through the email contact form (‘contact by email’) or through the holiday enquiry form (‘holiday enquiry form’) for more information. They can often give you advice about the best and cheapest ways to travel to the start point of the walking holiday.

Can I get a brochure?

We don’t produce brochures, because we’re exclusively an online platform where small-scale walking holiday providers present their holidays together. Also the individual holiday providers almost never produce brochures, because of the high costs of production and printing which is often not economically viable for small-scale businesses.

Is a tour operator?

No, we’re not a tour operator, and you do not book with us directly. We are an online platform, a website, where individual small-scale walking holiday providers present themselves together. Our aim is to present the most special small-scale walking holidays to you, all in all in one place, and in a clear and consistent way making it easy for you to browse and compare what is on offer. Each listing links you directly to the right people behind that particular walking holiday. You book your holiday directly with them, so there is no middle man or commission.

Walkingholidayinfo is not part of any contracts or bookings made between you and the holiday provider. Each holiday provider is responsible for the holidays they offer on this website and the accuracy of the information they provide.

When I use, who do I book a holiday with?

You book your walking holiday directly with the holiday providers; there is no middle man or commission. We’re not part of any contracts or bookings that are made between you and the holiday provider. The holiday providers are solely and completely responsible for the holidays they offer on this website and the accuracy of the information provided.

What do I do if I want more information or have a question?

Please contact the holiday provider of the walking holiday that you are interested in directly with any questions. You can either use the contact form at the bottom of each listing, or the email address listed with each holiday.

How can I advertise on

Please go to the advertise page to contact us for more information on the possibilities of listing your walking holidays here.

Can I take my dog with me on holiday?

You will recognise the holidays where dogs are welcome by the ‘dogs welcome icon’ in the listings. If in doubt or if you have specific questions, you can contact the holiday provider.

What does the location map show?

The location map shows the general area where the walking holiday takes place, not the exact location of the accommodation you will be staying in, and also not the exact starting point of the walks.

i have a different question …

That’s great, we’d love to answer it for you. Please send us a message and we’ll get back to you promptly with an answer. Thank you!

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