Self-Guided Walking holidays

Europe offers every possible landscape you can imagine, from towering mountains to gentle lowlands, and from deep cool forests to rugged coasts.

Many European countries have a long history of walking as a favourite pastime, which has resulted in a dense network of trails and paths.

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What is a self-guided walking holiday?

During a self-guided walking holiday you make all the walks by yourself, without a tour-guide. You usually do them with either a map and walk-description, or with GPS tracks (and sometimes both).

The advantage of a self-guided walking holiday is that you can go completely at your own pace. You start each hike whenever is good for you, and take a break whenever you like. You also walk at your own tempo without having to wait for, or keep up with, anyone else.

Self-guided walking holidays often take less challenging routes that you can comfortably navigate on your own.

Self-Guided Walking Holidays in Europe

Female hiker walking down a forest road

Spain’s Secret Sierra

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From € 499.50 / 8 days

Self-guided walking holiday in Spain

Rolling hills and white villages with history reflected in their architecture and the surrounding landscape. The walking routes in this area range from sandy paths to cobbled tracks and there are many sights such as traditional Spanish homes, abandoned watermills and ancient hill forts. Hear the ringing of goat bells among the oaks and chestnuts, and the bubbling of the many streams and springs which abound in these hills.

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