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Bulgaria: a beautiful walking destination in Europe, welcome!

Here you’ll find walking holidays to some of the best walking regions in Bulgaria, such as the Pirin and Rila Mountains, Strandja Nature park on the coast, and the Rhodopes.

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There are both guided and self-guided walking holidays in Bulgaria. They’re all organised by independent, small-scale companies, and run by people with a lot of local knowledge and enthusiasm for the place they live and work in. Bulgaria is a beautiful, but largely undiscovered holiday destination for walking and hiking, so please get in touch with any questions you may have. These local tour specialists look forward to helping you organise your holiday in Bulgaria.

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handdrawn map of Bulgaria

Pirin and Rila Mountains Trek

Guided walking holiday in Bulgaria

Hikers eploring lake in pirin mountain
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  • Guided

From € 555.- / 8 days

Guided walking holiday in the Pirin and Rila Mountains: Bulgaria’s largest National Parks. Enjoy some of the best high level alpine walking with an abundance of glacial lakes, deep river valleys, lush alpine meadows and diverse flora and fauna.

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Walking in the Rila Mountains

Self-guided walking holiday in Bulgaria

Lake in the mountain
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  • Self-Guided
  • Trail

From € 455.- / 8 days

Self-guided walking holiday in the Rila Mountains, Bulgaria’s largest National Park. Rila is one of the best-known areas for mountain walking in Bulgaria. High level alpine hiking with an abundance of glacial lakes, deep river valleys, lush alpine meadows and varied wildlife.

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Secrets of the Rhodope Mountains

Self-guided walking holiday in Bulgaria

Meadow in Rhodope mountains
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  • Self-Guided
  • Trail

From € 495.- / 8 days

Explore some of the most hidden and authentic parts of the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria during this trail walking holiday. Enjoy pastoral scenery with rolling landscapes, tiny villages, green meadows with flocks of goats and sheep, and a rich cultural heritage.

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Explore Strandja Nature Park

Self-guided walking holiday in Bulgaria

Walker staying at the top of a cliff overlooking the sea
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  • Self-Guided

From € 495.- / 8 days

A walking holiday in Bulgaria’s largest nature park on the Black Sea coast. Follow a natural river from its source to the sea, walking through a wide variety of landscapes along the way. Includes a few guided excursions and car rental.

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Walking Holidays in Bulgaria

Walking in Bulgaria

Located in the furthest south-east corner of Europe, Bulgaria is a relatively undiscovered walking holiday destination. Many people associate Bulgaria with a ski or beach holiday, but the country has some amazing countryside, mountains and wildlife that is ideal to explore on foot. The Bulgarian people have also managed to preserve an impressive cultural heritage, and traditional life still continues in villages where time has stood still.

Snowcapped mountains under a blue sky. The alps in the south east of France (original image by Gnomefilliere - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:MassifMontBlanc7438.JPG). A small village against a mountainside in the Provence, France. Lighthouse on cliffs along a coastal walking path in France (original image by Jean-Marie Hullot - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:CapFrehelLightHouse.jpg).

Bulgaria walking holidays with small independent businesses

We have the pleasure to present you with a selction of walking holidays in Bulgaria, all offered by small independent businesses. Exploring Bulgaria on foot with people living locally will ensure you will easily find your way around and those special trails and paths leading to amazing unspoilt places where very few others have gone before.

We wish you a great time exploring Bulgaria, and would love to hear about your experiences. Photos also welcome of course! Please contact us through [email protected].

For more information, also see our article walking in Bulgaria.


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Map of Bulgaria in Europe The Bulgarian flag.


Capital: Sofia

Area: 42,855 sq. miles, about half the size of Great Britain

Population: 7.6 million

Currency: Lev (£1 = +/- 2.25 leva)

What is walking in Bulgaria like?

Many people already know Bulgaria as a summer beach and ski destination, but more and more also discover the countries' amazing countryside and walking potential.

For more information see our article about Walking in Bulgaria, or get in touch with one of the holiday providers. They'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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