Walking holidays with guided and self-guided walk options

Europe offers every possible landscape you can imagine, from towering mountains to gentle lowlands, and from deep cool forests to rugged coasts.

Many European countries have a long history of walking as a favourite pastime, which has resulted in a dense network of trails and paths.

On this page, you can browse all our walking holidays in Europe in one place! Enjoy :)

What is a walking holiday with guided and self-guided options?

Many walking holidays are either exclusively guided or exclusively self-guided. But the holidays on this page offer both. So that means you can either do them with a tour-guide (sometimes as part of a group), or you can do all the walks by yourself.

Often it’s also possible to choose to do some walks of a holiday on your own, while going out with an experienced guide on other walks. This can work well if, for example, you’d like to do a mix of more challenging hikes (with a guide) and easier walks (that you’re comfortable doing by yourself).

The walking holidays below have guided as well as self-guided options. Check the individual holidays for more information.

Both guided and self-guided options in europe

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