Walking in Bulgaria, an introduction

Many people already know Bulgaria as a summer beach and ski destination, but more and more people also discover the countries’ amazing walking holiday potential.

Below you’ll find more information about walking holiday destination Bulgaria.

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Bulgaria’s Geography

Bulgaria’s geography is very varied. There are more than 40 mountain ranges in the country, and landscapes vary from snow-capped alpine mountains in Rila and Pirin to the sunny Black Sea coast, and from the Danubian plane in the north to the beautiful and ancient Rhodopi mountains in the south. The country is divided in two by the extensive Stara Planina – the “old Mountains”, also known as the Balkan Range. The country has a dense network of rivers.

(original image by Deyan Vasilev - see http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Todorini_kukli_north.jpg) (original image by Evgord - see http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Centralbalkan.jpg) (original image by Jeroen Kransen - see http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Rila_klooster.jpeg)

Bulgaria’s Climate

On average, Bulgaria has a temperate climate with hot summers and cold winters. However, the Balkan mountain range, that runs east-west and divides the country more or less in two, influences the climate. Lying in the shelter of the Balkan mountains, the climate of the south part of the country has a more mediterranean character, with less rain and milder winters. North of the Balkan range, there is more rainfall and winters are colder.

Bulgaria’s Environment and wildlife

With its varied geography and unspoilt nature, Bulgaria is a true wildlife paradise. Especially in the mountains, agriculture is still traditional and grasslands are full of wildflowers. Many plants and animals that are rare or even extinct in Western Europe are still abundant in Bulgaria.

There are three National Parks in Bulgaria; Pirin National Park, Rila National Park and Central Balkan National Park. There are also eleven nature parks in the country, including Strandja Nature Park in the far south-east of the country that includes part of the Black Sea Coast.

Walking in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s varied rural landscapes and stunning mountain ranges offer excellent walking. Most famous for walking holidays are the Rila and Pirin Mountain ranges, where you can walk in beautiful alpine landscapes and forests. The Central Balkan National Park, also known as Stara Planina is also a popular walking holiday destination in Bulgaria, known for its steep cliffs, high waterfalls and lush vegetation. A relatively new destination is Strandja Nature Park in the south-east. This area boasts a combination of rivers, mountains and the Black Sea.

Spring starts early in Bulgaria, especially around the Black Sea coast. The weather in Bulgaria can get hot in the summer months, but the high mountains still offer splendid walking in this period.

Map of Bulgaria in Europe The Bulgarian flag.


Capital: Sofia

Area: 42,855 sq. miles, about half the size of Britain

Population: 7.6 million

Currency: Lev (£1 = +/- 2.25 leva)

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