Hiker with backpack looking out over a wide mountain valleyWe tried out the new Osprey Archeon 25 backpack and found it perfect for dayhikes with plenty of space and a very comfortable fit (click image for larger version).

In this backpack review we’re looking at the Osprey Archeon 25 men’s that came out this Spring. Osprey have been making backpacks for decades and this year they came out with a brand new series of backpacks called Archeon. I’ve been using backpacks my whole life, so I was excited to try out and test the Archeon 25 hiking pack.

What I really like about them is that these backpacks are made from 100% recycled nylon canvas, which means that they don’t use any new material. They’re also made with durable metal components so that they have a long life on the trail.


About the Archeon 25 Backpack

backpack from Osprey The backpack I tested was the Archeon 25 Men’s backpack, which is available in 3 colours: haybale green, stonewashed black and stargazer blue (the colour of our test-pack). There’s also a version specially designed for women which is slightly shorter and comes in space blue or mud red.

When empty the backpack weighs 1.4 kilos. It’s 57 centimeters high, 33 wide by 24 deep, and you can pack up to 25 liters into it. It has a backpanel that’s designed to create a comfortable fit when walking, while keeping your back free from sweat.

The backpack has a big front-pocket that you can use to quickly put something into, as well as a couple of stretch mesh side pockets for things like water bottles. It comes with an integrated raincover (that you can also take off) for if you find yourself out on a hike, caught in the middle of a rain-shower.


A backpack that respects nature

For Osprey environmental impact is important, so they put a lot of thought into their packs’ sustainability. That’s why, next to using recycled and durable materials, they’re also careful to choose a waterproofing treatment that’s not too harsh on nature. Starting with the new Archeon series, their backpack waterproofing coatings are free from PFCs (PerFluorinated and PolyFluorinated Compounds; harsh chemicals that break down very slowly in nature). I like this, because it’s such a beautiful planet we live on and I really appreciate a company doing their part to help take care of it.


My experience with the Archeon

Archeon backpacks have been made specifically for hiking, and because I love going out in nature, I was really looking forward to taking this pack on a few great walks.

My first impression on receiving the backpack was: ‘Wow, such good quality materials!’ It feels very solid, strong and reliable.

man with backpack sitting on a mountain-top

What I loved was that even after climbing a decent peak, my back stayed dry; this greatly adds to the backpack’s comfort (click image to enlarge)

On my first walk, which was for a half day, I loved it. The pack was comfortable and easy on the back, but what I liked most was that I didn’t get any sweat on my back at all. Somehow I stayed dry the whole hike even though I climbed a decent peak.


A longer hike

Then I did a three day hike in the mid-Balkans. And because we slept in huts I thought I wouldn’t need too much luggage, so I used the Archeon again. But as it turns out there’s a reason why backpacks come in different sizes; for three days you still need a lot of things. So the backpack was overloaded and it didn’t feel so comfortable after a few hours of walking. During that hike I also felt the need of more pockets and hooks to use. So I realised this backpack is not for such a hike. The pack does have a lot of space, so I thought I’d just try. But I’d already seen Osprey offer some great packs for multi-day hikes too, so I’ll use a bigger rucksack on my next multi-day hike.


A full dayhike

My last trip with it was for a one full day-hike and it was perfect with the right weight and again I felt how good and great the Archeon backpack is. The lock system on the front is easy and very nice to use also the side pockets are quite big and useful for carrying bottles and fruits and whatever is needed, the front one is perfect for top clothes or light jackets.

Osprey Archeon 25 backpack with and without raincover

The Archeon’s raincover keeps everything in the backpack nice and dry, even in a big downpour. And it’s integrated in the pack, so you can’t accidentally forget it (click photo for a larger version).

The Archeon 25 as an everyday backpack

Next to these hikes I also used it as an everyday backpack, travelling and doing things in town. To me this is also a very good use of the pack, because for a day in the city you don’t need too many gadgets and equipment, so the pack takes it easily. At the same time the design is very nice and stylish. A friend of mine, who is an ornithologist, stopped me and asked: “Is that what I think it is? “, recognising the bird logo as an Osprey without seeing the writing below it.


Conclusion: An excellent backpack for day-hikes

All in all I found this an excellent backpack for day-hikes. And if you’re looking for a good rucksack to take on your walking holiday I would certainly recommend this one for most holidays on our site. It’s comfortable, good looking, well designed, strong and durable. Plus it’s made by a company with high ethics.

They also sell models suitable for multi-day trekking, so also have a look at the Osprey online shop if you’re looking for that kind of gear!

Man with Osprey backpack looking out over mountain valley

For me Osprey’s Archeon 25 is a solid recommendation for hikes up to one day. The pack feels great in every way (click image to enlarge).

More information

The Archeon 25 currently retails at £150.- and you can see more information about it on the backpack’s product page on the Osprey site.

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