Walking holidays in Cyprus

Cyprus is a varied country, it offers beautiful coastal walking, but also walks in plains, forests and up into mountain regions. 

The pleasant climate, rich cultural heritage and delicious cuisine combine to make Cyprus an exciting walking holiday destination!

Below you’ll find our walking holidays in Cyprus. All these holidays are with small-scale, independent walking holiday providers. They intimately know their respective areas and look forward to help organise your walking holiday in Cyprus.

Walking Holidays in Cyprus

Walking in Cyprus

Despite its petite size, the island of Cyprus has a lot to offer to every passionate walker. From the coastal paths of the south and west, through the inland plains, foothills and forests up to the higher reaches of Macheiras, Madhari Ridge and Troodos – its diverse landscape is waiting to be explored and discovered.

View of a lake shores bordered with rolling hills Beautiful sandy beach Dam cuddled in gentle hills

Cyprus has a reputation for a lazy holiday destination, where you can enjoy the sun, sea and sand. But the island has much more to offer! The magnificent Cyprus pine forest covers approximately 1/3 of the western side of the island. The Forestry Department has created a number of trails within the state forests in various parts of the island, from Cape Greko in the southeast to Akamas peninsula in the west. These have been carefully designed to cover areas of rich natural vegetation and cultural interest. Although walking in Cyprus can be enjoyed throughout the year, it’s not recommended to plan your walking holiday in the Summer, since the temperatures reach 40 degrees C.

Cyprus walking holidays with small independent businesses

We have the pleasure to present you with a walking holiday in Cyprus, offered by small independent business. Exploring Cyprus with local guides means you are taken to those very special places only true locals know about, away from the beaten tracks.

We wish you a great time exploring Cyprus on foot, and would love to hear your experiences on your walking holiday in Cyprus. Photos also welcome of course! Please contact us through [email protected].


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Map of Cyprus in Europe The Cyprus flag.


Capital: Nicosia

Area: 3,572 sq. miles, it can fit more than 25 times in the area of the UK

Population: 1.2 million

Currency: Euro

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