Walking holidays in Germany

Germany is a walker’s paradise with beautiful and well-maintained footpaths going through gorgeous nature. This country in the middle of Europe is very varied and offers something for every trail enthusiast. 

The German outdoors is very pretty with many delightful natural sights. On top of that Germany has many beautiful towns and villages as well as historic sights. We can truly say that hiking in Germany you won’t be bored. 

Walking in Germany

Germany is one of the bigger countries in Europe, a little bigger than Italy and a bit smaller than Norway. It’s a beautiful walking holiday destination, with a very varied landscape.

white Fairytale-like castle among green trees
River meandering past green islet
Buildings in the city of Trier in glowing evening light

Germany is a large country with many inhabitants. And they all seem to like walking and hiking. You can always find a time and a place to go walking in Germany. Spring, Summer and Autumn are the best seasons, but Winter-walking is also a possibility. 

There are many excellent hiking trails in Germany in all kinds of terrain. From high mountains in the South at the Swiss and Austrian borders, to the low rolling hills and valleys along the river Rhine, there is something for everyone. 

Big parts of Germany are nature reserves and you’ll find all kinds of natural beauty in the country. From dense forests to vineyards, and from beautiful river-valleys to high mountains. 

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Map of Germany in Europe The German flag.


Capital: Berlin

Area: 137,988 sq. miles, almost 1.5 times the size of the UK

Population: 80 million

Currency: Euro (£1 = +/- 1.20 Euro)

Walking in Germany

Walking is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Germany. Germans love going out for a hike or a walk. Alone, with friends, or as a family. People walk for fun, to explore the countryside, and to stay fit. And almost everyone does it, young and old. Walking really is a big thing in this part of Europe.

So it's not surprising that the country seems to be set up for walking and hiking. There are excellent footpaths everywhere, well marked and maintained, going through some of Germany's most beautiful natural places.

Germany has almost 130,000 miles of walking trails. On top of that 35% of Germany's land consists of protected nature areas. So for a walking holiday, we can say that Germany is a great destination.

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