Walking holidays in the Netherlands

A mostly flat country, the Netherlands is a wonderful place for a walking holiday. There are many footpaths, all very well marked, that take you through pleasant Dutch landscapes.

The climate is mild, which typically makes for ideal walking weather. And as a small country it’s easy to cover a lot of ground on foot.

Walking in the Netherlands

Discover the Dutch landscapes, towns, cities, and rivers while crossing the Netherlands on foot. Walking and hiking are big in the Netherlands, and many dedicated footpaths take you to and through some of the country’s best sights.

walking track going past a green field narrow bridge for walkers, crossing a small stream Dutch windmill surrounded by colourful tulips
Because of the mild climate, you can walk in the Netherlands every season of the year. And for such a small country, it’s surprisingly varied. There are wonderful city walks, but there’s also lots of nature: the Dutch coast with its sanddunes, the big rivers that have crossed Europe and reach the sea in the Netherlands, big national parks throughout the country, and lots of history with castles, forts and beautiful cities like Amsterdam.

Netherlands walking holidays with small independent businesses

The walking holidays you see here are all offered by small independent businesses. The benefit of using a local independent walking holiday company is that they know the area they work in like the back of their hands and can offer you a truly special Netherlands walking holiday with a personal touch.

We wish you a great time exploring the Netherlands on foot, and would love to hear your experiences on your walking holiday in the country of cheese, tulips and windmills. And if you take any pictures that you’d like to share with us, we’d love to see them! You can contact us by email on [email protected].

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Map of the Netherlands in Europe The Dutch flag.

The Netherlands

Capital: Amsterdam

Area: 16,036 sq. miles, about a sixth of the area of the UK

Population: 17.6 million

Currency: Euro

Walking in the Netherlands

The Netherlands (informally known as Holland) offers a lot in terms of walking. The country has an excellent network of footpaths, both long-distance and regional. Walking is easy, because of the flat terrain and well maintained footpaths and tracks. And because the Netherlands is a small country, it's possible to see much of it during a single trip.

If you like to be active on your holiday and enjoy exploring a country on foot, then the Netherlands is an excellent destination for a walking holiday.

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