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Welcome to our Italy page!  Here you will find walking holidays to the most stunning regions in Italy, such as the Dolomites, the Italian Riviera – Liguria, Sibillini in Le Marche and of course Tuscany and the Italian Alps.

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Start browsing the walking holidays by exploring the map below, or scroll further down to the holiday descriptions. There are both guided and self-guided walking holidays. All these holidays are organised by independent small-scale companies, and run by people with a lot of local knowledge and enthusiasm for their country and region. They look forward to help organise your walks in Italy.

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Explore Lake Como on foot

Guided walking holiday in Italy

Two walkers in front of Lake Como in North Italy.
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  • Guided

From £ 645.- / 8 days

Lake Como in the Lombardy region is a popular area for a walking holiday in Italy. This holiday lets you sample the rich history, beautiful scenery and culinary surprises of the region.

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Walking the Trails of Liguria

Guided walking holiday in Italy

Walkers with a guide looking down from steep cliffs towards the Mediterranean Sea in Liguria in Italy
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  • Guided

From € 600.- / 7 days

Explore some of the most scenic trails in the Ligurian Mountains during this walking holiday in Italy. Still unspoilt by mass tourism, this ancient land is steeped in culture and tradition. Your guide will introduce you to the landscape and flavours of this undiscovered part of Italy.

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Italian Dolomites

Walking holiday with both guided and self-guided options in Italy

People walking on a path in the Italian Dolomites, cabin lift on the side
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  • Guided / Self-Guided

From £ 760.- / 7 days

Enjoy this beautiful region with walks of your fancy – every day you can join one of two breathtaking walks, both free and optional. One is a higher level harder hike, the other a moderate easier walk, rich in flora, fauna and beautiful scenery. Via Ferrata, glacier treks and various alpine activities are also options for your day.

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Nature and Mountains of Antola Natural Park

Self-guided walking holiday in Italy

People walking down a hill in Antola
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  • Self-Guided

From € 260.- / 5 days

Antola, with its rich wildlife and stunning nature is a place every walker will be happy to visit. The must-see 360° view from the Ligurian Sea to the Alps is a great reward for everyone exploring the natural park.

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Medieval Umbria Walking tour

Self-guided walking holiday in Italy

Distant town on a hill, beautiful green valley with red poppies
  • +
  • Self-Guided
  • Trail

From € 560.- / 8 days

This self-guided walking holiday offers the right combination of visiting typical Umbrian towns and walking through exciting colourful landscapes with unique views. Umbria has been praised for its pure beauty since Roman times, because of its greenness of fertile valleys, hills and mountains, many lakes and rivers, good food and excellent wines.

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Walking in Italy

Italy, the country of great food, wonderful culture and beautiful nature. With a Mediterranean climate Italy is an almost year-round destination. When it gets too warm in the Mediterranean areas in the summer, the high mountains of the Alps and the Apennines offer wonderful walking with cooler weather and respite from the heat.

Italy’s mountains and National Parks

The country’s 24 national parks and 2 great mountain ranges (The Italian Alps and the Apennines) offer many opportunities if you’re planning a self-guided walking holiday in Italy. Our article on walking in Italy gives information on the main mountain ranges in Italy and discusses the Italian Alps and Apennines in detail. We also discuss the most attractive National Parks.

Two people walking on a trail in the italian alps in a lush green spring landscape. View on the Matterhorn with an Alpine lake and some walkers in the foreground. Rolling fields that have been harvested with woodland patches around, aerial view.

Italy walking holidays with small independent businesses

The walking holidays on our website are run by people that live and work in the area. They know every path and trail, and those very special places you should not miss and the package tour tourists will never see. A holiday in Italy with a company on Walkingholidayinfo.com means a personal approach to your holiday and unique insights in local culture and life.

We wish you a great time exploring Italy on foot, and would love to hear from you. Photos also welcome of course! Please contact us through [email protected].

For more information also see our article walking in Italy.

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Map of Italy in Europe The Italian flag.


Capital: Rome

Area: 116,350 sq. miles, about 1.2 x the size of the UK

Population: 60.4 million

Currency: Euro

What is walking in Italy like?

Italy is extremely varied, both in climate types and in landscapes and relief. As a result, there is some great walking for everyone, at any time of the year. The Mediterranean areas are great for a spring holiday, when you will be enchanted by a green, lush landscapes full of wildflowers. Also the autumn is ideal for walking in these areas with a warmer climate. Temperatures are cooler and the landscape is extra beautiful with all the autumn colours. In summer the higher and cooler mountain areas, such as the Italian Alps and the central Apennines offer summer walking.

The walking holidays on this page are all organised by small scale, independent holiday providers. They intimately know the areas they work in and can advise you on on all aspects of walking in Italy.

For more information about Italy, with information on climate, the mountain ranges, national parks and the best time for a walking holiday, also have a look at our Walking in Italy page.

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