custom made walking map

Custom made OS maps centered on your home or favourite walk!

Don’t you just love maps? I can spend a very long time looking at them, planning my walks ahead, finding all the interesting looking paths and trails, that lonely farmhouse, that little wood, imagining what it all looks like in the outdoors. For me, planning a walk with a map is half of the fun. Ordnance Survey have this perfect gift for map fans like me; Ordnance Survey Custom made maps!

You can pick your own centre point, such as your own house, or where you always park your car when you go walking on the moors, or even where you asked your partner to marry you, and your map will spread around that point in all directions. You can even add your own cover photo and title to the map.

I think it’s a great and very personal Christmas gift idea for all fans of the outdoors. A custom made map is £16.99 with free delivery, and they also offer a Christmas bundle (saving over 30%) including a compass and map case for £25.99 with free delivery.

Find out more about Custom Made Maps on the OS survey website.

OS map custom made

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