Mount Sibilla with the chain of Sibillini Mountains in the Central Apennines

Le Marche: to many people one of the most unspoilt, friendly and beautiful areas in Italy.

Italy has so much to offer to the walker that it is sometimes difficult to know where to go.

Here we present you with an area in Italy that are an excellent choice for a varied and interesting walking holiday – Le Marche and Sibillini National Park in the centre of Italy.

Walking in Le Marche and Sibillini National Park

To many people Le Marche is one of the most unspoilt, friendly and beautiful areas in Italy. It has so much variation in landscapes and things to see that you can think of it as all of Italy in one province. Here you will find the Adriatic coast, fertile plains, rolling hills and the Apennine mountains all in one place. This area shares many of the geographical and cultural features of its neighbours Tuscany, Abruzzo and Umbria. But Le Marche is still relatively undiscovered and great for walking off the beaten track.

The landscape of Le Marche changes as you go from the Adriatic Sea to the higher mountains of the Apennines. From beautiful coastal towns, you head out in wonderfully varied farmland with orchards and vineyards and scattered medieval settlements and towns, before finally reaching the Apennines. Sibillini National Park is without doubt the jewel in the crown of the area. In Sibillini National Park you’ll find many 2000 metre high peaks and alpine meadows, but also rivers, caves, waterfalls and stunning panoramas on the mountains and surrounding countryside. There are many specific tourist trails and walks in the national park, but also the Le Marche landscape in general is criss-crossed by paths, tracks and old mule trails, ideal for walking. The flora and fauna along the way is diverse and stunning.

Rural scene in the Sibillini mountains - ashepherd with its flock - photo by Pizzodisevo cc-by-sa-2.0

A beautiful rural scene that you will encounter in the Sibillini mountains - a shepherd with its flock. Photo by Pizzodisevo

Another must-see is Sarnano, a perfectly preserved medieval town and one of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Walk along cobbled streets passing along romantic squares, ancient churches and impressive medieval buildings.

Sarnano -  a beautiful medieval town in Le Marche

Sarnano - a beautiful medieval town in Le Marche

Villa San Raffaello is based just on the edge of Sibillini National Park, and only 2 km from Sarnano. They organise self-guided holidays for those interested in discovering this beautiful part of Italy on foot. For more information on a walking holiday in Le Marche and Sibillini National Park, try the two links below:

Sibillini and Le Marche walking holiday on the website.
Information on walking holidays in Le Marche and Sibillini National Park on the website of villa San Raffaello.

Also see the Le Marche travel guide on wikitravel for more information on the area, and the website of Sibillini National Park.

And visit our Italy Country page for more information on walking in Italy in general. Or go to our overview page of walking holidays in Italy where you will find a wide selection of guided and self-guided walking holidays in Italy’s most beautiful regions.

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