Hay bails in a Herefordshire landscape

Looking for a walking holiday in Europe? You may find the perfect one here …

Are you thinking about a walking holiday in Europe? We may just have exactly what you’re looking for. There are over one hundred guided and self-guided walking holidays on our website and we’re adding new ones regularly.

To inspire you, here are the three latest walking holidays on our site. They’re are all very different, but they do have one thing in common: they’re all run by local walking holiday providers.

Walking in the Jura, France

The Jura is an area in the East of France with great walking opportunities. There’s lots of wildlife, beautiful rural landscapes with wildflowers and vineyards, vast areas of forest, numerous clear, sparkling rivers with impressive waterfalls. The area has a rich history and many pretty villages. And from early spring until late autumn the weather is perfect for a walking holiday.

A village in the French Jura.

See this 8 day guided walking holiday in the Jura for more information.

Walking in Almeria, Spain

If you prefer to walk by independently (instead of with a guide), Almeria may be ideal for you. Almeria lies in AndalucĂ­a in Spain and is a very pleasant area for walking. It offers dramatic hills, isolated valleys, quaint mountain villages and fields of herbs such as rosemary, thyme and sage. In springtime you can also see many birds here.

A man walking with his dog in Spain.

For more information see this 8 day self-guided, self-catering walking holiday in Spain.

Walking in Herefordshire, England

Herefordshire in England is a rural county with many beautiful natural areas. It’s one of the lesser known English counties but has some very scenic trails and footpaths. Here you’ll find ancient woodlands, lush valleys and winding rivers. Herefordshire is a perfect county for a walking holiday in England, because it has mild springs, warm summers and long autumns. It has a rich history and a very diverse landscape that offers something for everyone.

A landscape in Herefordshire with sunflowers.

You can find out more on this 3 to 5 day guided walking holiday to Herefordshire.

More walking holidays in Europe

These are but three of the walking holidays on our website to inspire you. You can choose from over a hundred walking holidays in Europe. They’re all run by independent, local companies and together in one place so you can easily browse what’s on offer.

All walking holidays on our site are run by local, small scale, and independent walking holiday providers: people that love walking and know the area they work in like the back of their hand. If you truly want to experience an area, nothing beats a local’s knowledge. They know where to find the best footpaths, the most stunning viewpoints and that lovely little restaurant with amazing food. And they’ll be very happy to share their knowledge with you so you can have a wonderful walking holiday.

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