Man with backpack standing on a rocky outcrop, overlooking the landscapeWalking and breathing (or breathwalking) is a simple, natural and effective form of meditation (click image for larger version).

Of course you can go out for a walk and just experience everything around you: nature, good company, all the beauty Earth has to offer. And these are all some of the best reasons to go walking. But did you know that walking can be a great way to meditate as well?

The breathwalking technique

Did you know you can take your walking to a higher level with breathwalking? It’s a form of concentration and meditation (I think experienced walkers already do this naturally and easily to some degree…)

Finding peace and calm in a busy world

In these times more and more people discover meditation as way to find peace and calm inside of themselves. But even though we’re learning about the many wonderful effects of regular meditation, it can still be a challenge to fit it into our busy lifestyles. So I was wondering: isn’t there a way to combine walking and meditation somehow? And it turns out there is. It’s called the breathwalking technique (or just breathwalking)

Just walk and breathe!

By walking and breathing consciously with each step, you can get into a meditative state and improve your physical and mental health at the same time.

It’s something that’s quite easy to do when you try it, but it’s a little hard to explain in words. So have a look at the video below for an introduction to this simple technique:

If this is something you like, the Kundaline Research Institute have a nice introduction about the breathwalking technique.

A different approach to walking and breathing

Maybe you’re not into meditation that much. Or perhaps you already have a meditative or breathing practice in place. In that case it can still be nice to take a few deep breaths when you’re outdoors walking in nature.

woman on a forest trail, walking and breathing

Of course, when you’re hiking a steep trail like this, you’ll be taking deeper breaths naturally already.
Photo by Elia Maurer:

Fill your lungs with fresh air

Personally, when I’m out walking I like to stop every now and then. I just stand still, taking a break. I soak up the scenery around me (this works great on a hilltop or in a forest-clearing). And then I close my eyes and take a few nice, deep breaths. Filling my lungs with clean, fresh air.

Ready to go

I find that even a little break like this, just a couple of minutes, really gives me a boost in energy and clarity. And then I’m ready to go again!

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Miro loves going out in nature, alone, in a group, or with his dog Lila. He regularly goes out on multi-day treks in the mountains of Bulgaria. Often he combines hiking with his other passion: foraging for edible mushrooms.

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