Wolf tracking in the French Alps

Walk in wild, still relatively untouched landscapes rich in wildlife…

A guided walking holiday in the French Alps where you’ll follow tracks of wild wolfs in the Alps! This is a once in a lifetime adventure…

This walking/wildlife holiday is offered by Sally & Bernard of Undiscovered Alps who have a wealth of local knowledge and access to a network of other local wolf enthusiasts. Next to wonderful walking, you’ll get a really good insight into the lives of these elusive animals.

For more information, see the full holiday description: Wolf Tracking in the French Alps.

About Silviya

Silviya loves being outdoors in nature, where the warmth of the sun and the happy chirping of birds always bring a smile to her face. She's in charge of customer service at WalkingHolidayInfo and usually your point of contact when you get in touch with us. Extremely optimistic but still very balanced and realistic she takes care of every small detail along the way.

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