A stretch of river in the East Algarve in PortugalPortugal is one of the few countries on the green list as of May 2021. The Eastern Algarve is a wonderful area where you can experience some of the best Portugal has to offer.

With Covid restrictions the past year (2020) has been very uncertain when it came to travelling and going on holiday. And now in 2021 things are still quite unclear for many people. The rules vary for each country and this has added a layer of challenge if you’d like to travel abroad. If you’re in the United Kingdom for example, depending on your personal circumstances you currently might have to quarantine when you come back from an overseas trip. The situation is similar in many other countries, so many people are choosing to stay in their home-country for now.

Portugal on the green List of countries for UK travel

But if you do want to travel, there are certainly options that can make your life easier. Again taking the UK as an example, there is a green list of countries that are considered safe destinations to travel to. There aren’t so may yet, but one of the greenlist countries is Portugal. This means that when you come back from Portugal into the UK, you don’t have to quarantine. And of course this makes the decision to travel there much easier. For more information and the current status of countries, see the UK’s green list of countries.

For small businesses organizing walking holidays has been extremely challenging, but now that Portugal is one of the few countries with quarantine free travel for UK tourists, this coming season will hopefully be a little different for tour-operators as well as travelers there.

Maybe the perfect destination

So if you’ve been longing to travel, Portugal may be a perfect destination for you. The warm and authentic East Algarve is a wonderful area where you can experience some of the best Portugal has to offer. At this holiday you stay at family-owned, small hotels with safe & clean certification. You can enjoy sunny unspoilt beaches and private swimming pools with lovely gardens.

Last minute walking holiday in Portugal

This last minute green list walking holiday in Portugal is suitable for groups of 4 to 8 guests. The itinerary consists of a week of beautiful walks from 10 to 20 kilometers per day where you discover secret beaches, amazing viewpoints and quiet historic towns. If you prefer shorter walks, then transfer options to/from routes are available as well.

Bookings and availability

Bookings are available from the 21st of May 2021 until the 15th of July 2021. And because Portugal is on the green list, there is no quarantine in the UK when you go back home.

More information

For more information about this walking holiday in Portugal, discover the warm and authentic East Algarve, and the truly natural and authentic side of the Algarve.

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