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Walking to work – a matter of perspective.

Everybody experiences walking in a different way. But as with everything in life, it’s all a matter of perspective. I came across these two tweets today that perfectly illustrate what I mean…

7 Minutes of walking to work

versus …

1 Hour 45 minutes for work to home on foot

Walking to work

I used to walk to work every morning. It took me about half an hour each day to get there and I loved every minute of it. The path took me over a public footpath through some fields with sheep and goats. On some days the sun would shine, on others it would rain but you can dress for all that of course.

I just really enjoyed being out in the open, using my body, really waking up, breathing fresh air and experiencing the seasons. For me it always was a great start of my working day.

And back home again

And after a day of work, walking back home felt like bliss. It cleared my mind and got me using my legs again.

So Daniela and Laurence … I wish you many more miles of walking to work. It certainly beats sitting in traffic!

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