Woman hiker looking out over wide landscapeThe UK is full of amazing places to hike. And they’re surprisingly easy to get to as well. London Hiker has made it real easy to explore Britain on foot.

The UK is a wonderful country to hike in and if you are lucky enough to live there, you could be out experiencing Britain this weekend. Catherine Redfern of London Hiker has made it her mission to get townies out of the cities and walking into the countryside. And she’s made it really easy too.

The Escape London Adventure Pack

Catherine has made 10 (!) pdf guides for walking weekends you can do year-round in some of Britain’s best hiking locations. And the pack is filled with helpful tips and practical advice:

  • Some of the most iconic hiking locations in the UK
  • All doable in a weekend
  • 27 Walks in total
  • All walks described with photographs
  • Great info on how to get there
  • Options on where to stay – all pre-researched
  • A full set of information resources for each weekend

In short, this is a very well researched and lovingly put together pack that will save you hours time and allows you to simply pack your bag and go out hiking.

Fantastic ideas supported by practical tips that take all the hard work out of getting away for an adventurous weekend in the countryside. Vikki Coombes

From Yorkshire to the Highlands

The pack contains 10 hiking trips you can do in a weekend. They’re in Yorkshire, the Lake District, the Peak District, the South Downs, Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands.

Have a look at the video below for more information:

This is great for couples who want to do something different for the weekend. It opened up a new world, giving me all the information I needed to know to confidently set off on a fantastic adventure. Karen Sargent

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Are you ready to hike out into the UK? You’ll find everything you need in the Escape London Adventure Pack.

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