Silhouette of mountains in MallorcaThe island of Mallorca has some of the best hiking spots in the Mediterranean. And it’s all in some stunningly beautiful scenery too…

When you think of the island of Mallorca, you’re probably instantly drawn to the stunning sprawling beaches and traditional Spanish architecture. But it’s also gaining a growing reputation as one of the Mediterranean’s best hiking hotspots.

With its rocky valleys and rolling hills, Mallorca’s varied landscape is tailor-made to be explored by foot. But how can you be sure to get the most out of your hiking holiday to this world-famous Mediterranean jewel? Here are three things you will need to consider to plan the most memorable trip.

1: Choosing a trail

The Tramuntana Mountain Range

Mallorca is blessed with a catalogue of walking trails suitable for hikers of all abilities. The majority of the best routes are located in the western part of the island where you’ll find the Sierra de Tramuntana mountain range. If you want to tackle some of Mallorca’s most famous rambling routes, head to this part of the island.

For more information, see for example this walking holiday where you’re trekking from hut to hut in Mallorca’s Tramuntana Mountains.

The GR 221 Dry Stone Route

Signposts along the GR221 walking route on Mallorca
The GR 221 Dry Stone Route is a long distance trek which is broken down into eight stages, each with varying degrees of difficulty. Estimates on the exact length and duration of the walk vary quite drastically depending on the exact route that is taken. But if you’re looking to complete the walk in its entirety, you should look to be setting aside at least a week.

Mallorca’s Old Postman’s Route

If you’re looking for a slightly easier hike, look at the Old Postman’s Route. Also situated along the western coast, this 8km walk takes you past a natural spring, olive groves, and offers stunning views out over the Balearic Sea. With just a handful of climbs, the route is perfect for beginners, and should take around 2.5 hours to complete.

Also see these guided walking holidays on hidden Mallorca for more ideas and inspiration.

When to visit Mallorca for a walking holiday

When organising any type of holiday, it’s important to consider which time of year will best suit your itinerary. If you are planning on spending most of your time exploring Mallorca’s hiking routes, it is advisable to travel outside of the peak summer season. Not only will the island be quieter, making for a more laid back experience, but the climate will better lend itself to exploring Mallorca on foot.

Hiking trail going through a green landscape under a blue sky with thin white clouds

For hiking temperatures are usually pleasant on Mallorca. Walking is possible year-round, but many hikers find Spring and Autumn the best times to visit.

In the spring and autumn months, the landscape is transformed by colourful blooms which make the hiking trails even more beautiful. According to holiday guides, average temperatures remain in the 20s throughout May in this part of the world, making for a more pleasant hiking experience.

Accommodation on Mallorca

After a long day’s hiking, or even part-way through your trek, you will need somewhere to rest up and recharge your batteries. Fortunately, there are always plenty of accommodation options available wherever you are on the island, even along the more remote walking trails.

If you’re looking to get the five-star treatment, head to one of the island’s boutique hotels. The majority of Mallorca’s more premium stays can be found in the capital of Palma. Whilst there are fewer walking trails in the commercialised city of Palma, it is just a short drive from the southern portion of the Tramuntana mountain range, making the hotels easily accessible from the hiking hotspot.

If you’re looking for a more authentic experience closer to the routes, consider one of the island’s many hostels and refuges which are commonly found along most of the trails, and are perfect for multi-day hikes.

Mallorca's green and blue coastline seen from a mountain-top

Make sure to bring your camera on your walks, because Mallorca has plenty of stunning photo-opportunities on offer.

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Mallorca is quickly becoming a walking holiday hotspot. If you prefer the same feeling, but in a somewhat quieter place, then the adjacent island of Menorca might be for you. For example John and Carolyn also run a walking holidays on Menorca.

Or, if islands (however beautiful) are not your thing, perhaps walking in mainland Spain is more for you.

Photo credits

We’re grateful for the beautiful photography made available by various hikers. Photo of the Sierra de Tramantuna mountains on Mallorca by Markus Voetter; The GR221 trail signs photo by Miguel Alonso; The hiking trail going through green vegetation by Kevin Johnston; and Mallorca’s coastline by D J Nick Otronic. Thank you for generously sharing your work!

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