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Scotland must be one of the most scenic places in the world! Scotland offers impressive wild and steep mountains surrounded by stunning lakes called lochs, dense woods and forests and long stretches of beautiful beeches, all connected by a well-signposted network of walking trails. 

Below is a selection of hand-picked, self-guided and guided walking holidays in Scotland


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All these holidays are organised by local, independent walking holiday companies. They intimately know their respective areas and look forward to help organise your walking holiday in Scotland.

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Wilderness Walking – The Orkney Islands

Guided walking holiday in Scotland

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  • Guided

From £ 1935.- / 7 days

This guided walking holiday provids an outstanding way to visit the Orkney Islands. The walks are all different and scenic. The trips to the archeological sites are fantastic.

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Wilderness Walking – The Isle of Skye

Guided walking holiday in Scotland

People walking on a trail into the Quiraing, Skye
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  • Guided

From £ 1785.- / 7 days

Enjoy some of the best hiking in Scotland, if not the world as you explore the north, south, east and west of Skye on a series of hikes. You will explore this spectacular place through a number of beautiful hikes, taking in the rich scenery and fascinating history of the island.

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Highlands & Isle of Skye

Guided walking holiday in Scotland

A castle in the middle of a lake in the Highlands in Scotland
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  • Guided

From £ 1975.- / 7 days

During this walking holiday you will have the chance to explore the Scottish Highlands and the Isle of Skye. The land offers a great range of diverse landscapes for superb hiking between mountains and the sea surrounded by white beaches, green islands, peaks and waterfalls.

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Hebridean Island Adventure

Guided walking holiday in Scotland

Green field with a view to the sea
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  • Guided

From £ 1825.- / 7 days

This versatile trip to the Inner Hebrides offers stunning outdoor experiences, a day with an expert wildlife guide on the Isle of Mull, an awesome boat trip to a Puffin colony and unexpected cultural delights.

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Dinnet and Muick wildlife tour

Guided walking holiday in Scotland

Male red deer
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  • Guided

From £399 - £630.- / 7 days

The Muir of Dinnet boasts a wide variety of habitat such as woods, bogs and grasslands which is home to a large range of wildlife. The landscape of Loch Muick embodies the beauty of the Scottish highlands and is one of the best places to see Red Deer in Scotland.

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Self-Guided Walking Holidays in Scotland

Guided Walking Holidays in Scotland

Walking in Scotland

For a true sense of wilderness and grandeur of landscape, Scotland is hard to beat as a walking holiday destination. Each year many people explore the Scottish trails and footpaths, and discover the rich cultural and natural heritage the country has to offer.


Ancient Trails in France

In past times many people walked from village to village to trade and to buy goods. These centuries-old connections between settlements in the countryside often lead through the most scenic landscapes, and these have been made into the 110,000 miles long footpath network that exists in France. The holiday providers that offer holidays in France of course make good use of these ancient trails, picking the very best ones to ensure you see that amazing view, that picturesque bridge near the stream, and that lovely preserved village square. The companies in France also often make use of some of the long-distance routes that cross the country, sometimes continuing far into other parts of Europe.

View on the Southern Uplands. View on rugged mountain landscape with lochs in Scotland. View on early spring landscape in Scotland with snow patches and a mountain in the distance.

Very well known are of course the Scottish National parks, such as the Cairngorms and Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park, but also the coast and islands attract thousands and thousands of enthusiastic walkers each year. Famous are also the Scottish long-distance walks such as the West Highland Way, the Great Glen Way and the Southern Upland Way.

Scotland walking holidays with small independent businesses

We have the pleasure to present you with a varied selection of walking holidays in Scotland, all offered by small independent businesses. There are both guided and self-guided walking holidays in Scotland.

We wish you a great time exploring Scotland on foot, and would love to hear your experiences on your walking holiday in Scotland. Photos also welcome of course! Please contact us through [email protected].

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Map of Scotland in Europe The Scottish flag.


Capital: Edinburgh

Area: 30,414 sq. miles, about a third of the area of the UK

Population: 5.2 million

Currency: Pound

More info on Scotland:

Scotland on Wikipedia

What is walking in Scotland like?

Dramatic moorland landscapes and stunning mountains, beautiful lakes and endless open space. Scotland is ideal territory for an exhilarating walking holiday.

Visit one of the Scotland's many national parks, or walk on one of the islands.

Also the long-distance footpaths such as the West Highland Way are very popular for a Scotland walking holiday.

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