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Discover the diverse landscapes of Europe, where towering mountains meet gentle lowlands and deep cool forests border rugged coasts.

With a rich history of walking as a beloved pastime, European countries have an extensive network of trails and paths, perfect to explore on foot.

Overall, walking in European nature is a multi-sensory experience that engages the body, mind, and spirit, offering a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty that leaves a lasting impression on those who explore it.

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to walking holidays Europe! Browse through our curated selection of European walking holidays all in one place. Hike through breathtaking scenery, cultural treasures, and immersive experiences. Start planning your next walking adventure today!

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Self-Guided Walking Holidays in Europe

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Spain’s Secret Sierra

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From € 499.50 / 8 days

Self-guided walking holiday in Spain

Rolling hills and white villages with history reflected in their architecture and the surrounding landscape. The walking routes in this area range from sandy paths to cobbled tracks and there are many sights such as traditional Spanish homes, abandoned watermills and ancient hill forts. Hear the ringing of goat bells among the oaks and chestnuts, and the bubbling of the many streams and springs which abound in these hills.

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Guided Walking Holidays in Europe

Both guided and self-guided options in europe

Walking in Europe

Europe is the second smallest continent (after Australia), but has the third biggest population (after Asia and Africa). So it’s a popular place to live. It’s also a very varied place, with large forests and lakes in the North, big mountain-ranges in its center, the continent of Asia at its Eastern border, the beautiful Atlantic Ocean in the West, and the Mediterranean Sea in the South.

And because of all this variety, you can go on walking holidays in Europe year-round. Western and Eastern Europe are perfect in the Spring months (March, April and May), as well as the Autumn season (September, October, November). South European Summers are typically great for a beach holiday, but if you like long walks you’ll probably find them too hot. But in the Spring, Autumn and Winter months the climate there is perfect for walking and hiking. Then there is the North of Europe, where you’ll find ideal walking weather in June, July and August when other parts of the continent can be too warm.

Wildflowers growing in a hilly, sundrenched meadow, view you can enjoy on your walking holidays in Europe Footpath going through a green field of grass towards mountains in the background, another view you can enjoy on your walking holidays in Europe Waterfall coming down rolling hills, see this during your walking holidays in Europe

Some of the best knows areas for walking holidays in Europe are the Alps and the Pyrenees, which together cover France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. The British Isles are attractive for their miles upon miles of coast-paths and rolling hills inland. Portugal, Spain and its islands are a great option for walking holidays in Europe during the cooler months of early Spring and late Autumn with their mild climate.

Then there is the wild nature of Greece and the Balkans in South-Eastern Europe, as well as the largely untouched expanses of wilderness in Scandinavia and Scotland.

So from Portugal in the West to Bulgaria in the East, and Norway in the North to Greece and Cyprus in the South, Europe offers many opportunities for exploring its landscapes on foot.

If you like the idea of exploring Europe on foot, make sure you also read our in-depth guide to walking in Europe. There you’ll find more detailed descriptions of some of the top places you can go.

Map of Europe The European flag


Area: about 4 million sq. miles, roughly the same size as the USA

Population: 740 million

main currency: Euro

For more general information on Europe you can see Europe on WikiPedia

What is walking in Europe like?

Europe is a very varied place for walking and hiking. Most areas are easily accessible and clearly signposted. The climate is generally mild with warm Summers and cool Winters. Europe is a densely populated continent, but also has large areas of wild nature and national parks where you can wander round and enjoy the natural world.

Europe also has a rich cultural heritage, with many old towns, castles, bridges and monuments. With over 40 nations, there are many different languages and traditions, which makes it a very varied destination to visit.

If you're thinking about a walking holiday in Europe, then also see our guide on walking in Europe for more details.

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